Finding a good quality secondhand washing machine ,dishwasher ,stove or fridge can be a nightmare that ends up costing up hundrevds of dollars in unnecessary expense. Most people will go to “trade me” and get bidding on a few auctions but you have to ask yourself what are you actually buying here ? and what kind of guarantee is there it’ll work as the owner says it does ? The short answer is you have no idea what you are really getting .We have seen it time and time again that someone buys a cheap washing machine and it breaks down after 2 days. The previous owner tells you where to go and now you have to pay for an expensive repair or even worse cut your losses and go back to trade me looking for another gem to buy.

At we have taken all the nightmares and hassles out of your next secondhand appliance purchase because we stand by what we sell and offer a comprehensive 3 month warranty to our customers. We have tested and repaired any faults that were present in the machine before it goes out the door as we are qulaified electrical service techs with over 40 years collective experience. Buy with confidence ,get a cheap secondhand appliance and great service as well.

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