Cheap Appliance Repairs In Auckland

We Offer A Range Of New And Used Cheap Appliances Across The Auckland Area.

Drop Off Service For Cheaper Appliance Repairs In Auckland

The cost of repairing appliances is getting so expensive in Auckland that in many cases it’s now far cheaper to replace them than to spend the money on service call fees, parts, labour, return call fees, as the list goes on. It’s not uncommon to spend a $110 call out fee only to find it’s not economical to repair or parts are no longer available.  Then you find you have spent hundreds on an old machine only to find something else goes wrong down the track and in hindsight you should have cut your losses at the time and dumped the old appliance. Sound familiar?  Time for a new approach…..

“Its not uncommon to spend a $110 call out fee only to find it’s not economical to repair or parts are no longer available. “

Introducing Our Drop Off Service For Cheaper Inspection And

Appliance Repairs.

We are now offering a drop off service whereby you can minimize the cost of having professionals with nearly 30 years experience in both repairs and sales of major appliances quote and fix your appliances. And we can offer advice or replacement options should that be necessary

cheap appliance repairs in auckland

How Does It Work?

The usual industry standard is you have to pay a call out fee of anywhere from $70 to 110 for the serviceman to call out to your place to inspect and diagnose faults. On top of this, you are usually up for the cost of parts and additional labor to install them. What we are now offering to you is that you drop your appliance to us for inspection and we only charge you $40 to take a detailed look at it and provide a quote to repair. Here are the details:

  • Cost is just $40 inc GST. (eftpos avail) payable at time of drop off
  • You don’t pay a call out fee ( Usually anywhere from $70 to 110 )
  • No waiting around at home for a serviceman who might be stuck in traffic or running late
  • Fast turn around – we can provide you with a diagnosis within 24 working hrs
  • If you decide it’s not worth repair we can scrap and recycle the appliance through our Appliance Recycling program for FREE ! ( Usually costs $10 per large appliance)
  • We can also provide cheap replacement appliances if you decide its not worth spending the money to fix as we deal in seconds, carton damage or used appliances.

Ok, I’m Interested How Do I Arrange To Drop Off An Appliance For Inspection?

Best drop off times are from 10.30 to 4pm weekdays

Our address is 5a Beasley ave Penrose

Simply call Darren on 0272 729308 to make arrangements in advance so there is someone there to assist you with lifting heavy appliances out of vehicles.

Call Darren on 0272 729308

Or The Shop

09 5796198

List Of Major Appliances We Repair

We can look at most major brands so call us to discuss your needs today


  • Freezer
  • Refrigerators


  • Cookers
  • Stove
  • Wall Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Microwave oven

Washing and drying 

  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers
  • Washer/Dryers