Dryer Repair Auckland – Cheaper Service For Your Clothes Dryer This Winter

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dryer repair auckland

Dryer Repair Auckland – Cheaper Service For Your Clothes Dryer This Winter

Drop Off Service For Cheaper Dryer Repairs In Auckland

Winter is fast approaching and its the time of year that clothes dryer will get hammered again and this can also make for a fire hazard with all the fluff that builds up inside them. But this is where we can help , bring in your clothes dryer for any repairs and not only can we repair any fault ( if its economical to do so ) and we can clean and vacuum out all the dust and fluff as part of the service and oil the jockey wheels.

We will repair all makes and models of appliances of dryers, simply call us and arrange a time to drop it off for inspection . We do charge an assessment fee of $40 to cover the time / labour to determine whats wrong with your dryer ( payable at the time of drop off ) . And worst case scenario if its not going to worth repairing we can add it to our Appliance Recycling pile to be sent off for scrap metal.

Fisher And Paykel Dryer Won’t Start ?

This is a common fault and luckily for you we can fix this fault for around $80 to 100 most times , as well as clean out all the fluff that has accumulated in your dryer at the same time. You would be amazed at the state of some dryers we pull apart , the amount of fluff and lint is a serious fire hazard if left unchecked year after year.

Common Faults with Fisher and Paykel dryer

There are also some other common faults with the F&P dryers and we can quickly diagnose these for you and offer a quote to repair , I wont go indepth on any of these here but if your F&P machine is not drying, starts then stops ,not spinning is squeaky or any other problem ,get in touch and we can help. Worst case if your machine is too far gone we have a great range of cheap, secondhand dryers that we have repaired , serviced and cleaned out ready to go for you .Check out our dryers for sale page for more details of current stock or our full write up of the best dryers for sale in NZ

Ok, I’m Interested How Do I Arrange To Drop Off An Appliance For Inspection?

Best drop off times are from 10.30 to 4pm Monday To Thursdays , 10.30 to 2pm Friday, ( closed on weekends )

Our address is 119 Unit D Captain Springs Rd Onehunga

Simply call Darren on 0272 729308 to make arrangements in advance so there is someone there to assist you with lifting heavy appliances out of vehicles.

Call Darren on 0272 729308

Or The Shop

09 5796198

List Of Major Appliances We Repair

We can look at most major brands so call us to discuss your needs today


  • Freezer
  • Refrigerators


  • Cookers
  • Stove
  • Wall Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Microwave oven

Washing and drying 

  • Washing machines
  • Clothes dryers
  • Washer/Dryers



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