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We Offer A Range Of New And Used Cheap Appliances Across The Auckland Area.

Who are We ?

Darren Rapson and Calvin Leonard are co founders of Appliance Recycling Ltd and Used Appliances .They are both qualified electrical service technicians with over 30 years experience each in the field of whiteware and appliance repairs across the greater Auckland area . In 2023 we have also introduced a service for hazardous refrigerant recovery called Rapid Reclaim  and teamed with a major retail chain and the Auckland Council to enable us to degas and decommission old refrigerators that are returned when customers buy new units or taken to the council run refuse stations. This ensures that if you buy a new refrigerator or freezer from one of the participating retailers, you can still bring your old appliance to us for appropriate disposal.

We frequently receive items that are still in good condition and can be repaired and resold instead of being thrown away. We believe that reducing waste is crucial to our planet, and so we have made it our mission to give these items a second chance.

On this website, you will find an assortment of repaired / recycled / recovered items from larger retailers we have partnered up with that we have fixed up .As well as brand new items ( seconds , scratched and dent and rejected )  that we acquire from importers and wholesalers. By offering a variety of products, we hope to provide you with an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying brand new items.

We take pride in our ability to find value in items that others might consider worthless, and we work hard to make sure that everything we sell is of high quality and meets our customers’ needs. Additionally, by purchasing from us, you can feel good about supporting a business that is committed to reducing waste and preserving our planet’s resources.

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Calvin Leonard

Calvin Leonard
co founder at Appliance Recycling Ltd
Calvin Leonard is a co founder of Appliance Recycling Ltd .He is a qualified electrical service technician with over 30 years experience in the field of whiteware and appliance repairs across the greater Auckland area.